British well-known antiques collector and author of several books on unusual collector's pieces and bizarre inventions, Maurice Collins, will showcase his unique personal collection of over 50 wartime propaganda posters from World War One; the exhibition will be featured at the London Art Antiques & Interiors Fair for the first viewing of his 2018 UK tour. 

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The exhibition will feature approximately 50 posters highlighting the home front moral and general atmosphere throughout this period. Poignant moments in history will be demonstrated including the political movement of voting rights for women and how the Suffragettes agreed to hold their action until the end of the war as jobs they took over from the men who were fighting on the frontline. The notion of conscription will also be shown as men slowly started to realise that joining meant the possibility of no return.   

In addition to this, the posters will showcase the importance of the written word, for example, dictating what food was eaten and encouraging people to raise money for the war and help the wounded. 

With no TV or radio, everything that persuaded people to take action was in written form and hard to avoid as it appeared on street corners, railways station and general hoardings. 

Commemorating 100 years since the end of World War One, this is a fantastic opportunity to visit the exhibition which will be featured at the London Art Antiques & Interiors Fair for the first viewing of Maurice's 2018 UK tour.

Maurice will also be delivering a series of talks titled "Poster Persuaders" on Saturday and Sunday of the fair.   

About Maurice Collins

Maurice began collecting in the 1970s with his son; they used to go bottle digging on old Victorian rubbish tips to see what they could find. They would discover pot lids, old bottles and a range of obscure and unusual objects and that was just the beginning for Maurice. His collection has built up over the past 30 years, with many items being exhibited at 30 museums across the UK and the rest of Europe.