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Meet Maurice Collins, British Collector

  1. Where does your passion for collecting originate from?

    It started when my son wanted to go digging on a Victorian rubbish dump, I began to get interested in how items we dug had gone out of use and new ones came in its place, it was social history - from there I became interested in how products were advertised and the words used to sell their products - perhaps the most amazing use of words were those that convinced young men to join up and join the colors in WW1, thus I came interested in how volunteers were convinced by words.

New fair - New Antiques Roadshow specialist speaker

We are delighted to be joined by BBC Antiques Roadshow expert Mark Hill for AFE London's integral year. Mark will be speaking alongside Antiques for Everyone regular Judith Miller each day of the fair sharing knowledge and top tips for buying and collecting antiques. Mark Hill has been collecting...