Question Time: Meet the Dealers

As specialists in their fields, we've asked London Art, Antiques and Interiors Fair exhibitors to answer a few questions for our visitors.

Do you want to know why they started dealing? The experts top tips for collectors? Their best buy?


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Bassam, Sisters Antiques

  1. What are your top tips for buying antiques?

    • If you are buying antiques as an investment you should buy from a dealer who is specialist in the artist or the object that you like to buy. The dealer will advise you on what is going on in that market, what to buy and what to expect.

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Pippa, Art Dog London

  1. What are your top tips for collecting art?

    • Set a budget

    • Go for what you like, rather than for what you think may increase in value. The value of art is intrinsic and what brings you joy

    • Find an art dealer you can trust and

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