Question Time: Meet the Experts

As experts in their fields, we've asked BBC's Antiques Roadshow presenters to answer a few questions for visitors.

Do you want to know a little more about them? What there most memorable discovery is? What top tips they have for buying art and antiques?

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Mark Hill, BBC's Antiques Roadshow

  1. What specialist advice and top tips do you have for anyone looking to source antiques in 2018?

    The only rule for 2018 is that all rules are off.  We buy antiques today because they appeal immediately to our eyes and hearts, and then they enrich our minds.  Before, interiors were strictly defined – from the Georgian dining room to the ubiquitous ‘shabby chic’ French...

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Toma Clark Haines, Antiques Diva

  1. What are your anticipated trends for 2018?


    2018 will be all about Chinoiserie Chic! More and more Asian antiques are taking places of prominence in people’s homes as the design world looks East for inspiration.  As interiors become more minimal, clean lined Asian antiques are a perfect way to add patina...

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Joanna Hardy, Independent Jewellery Consulatant

  1. What are your anticipated jewellery trends for 2018?

    Whatever Meghan wears! Because her engagement ring is made of diamonds there will most likely be a resurgence of diamonds as people do seem to be swayed by what jewellery they see those in the public eye wearing.  Also the rise in popularity of pearls.  The...

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Judith Miller, BBC's Antiques Roadshow

  1. What are your anticipated interior trends for 2018?

    It’s fair to say that we are still in the lure of 20th century design, whether it’s mid-century Scandinavian ceramics and glass or Art Deco style.  I’ve noticed that people are undoubtedly becoming more and more confident about combining the old with the new...